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Low Voltage Device

The leading Auto recovery circuit breakerAuto recovery circuit breaker(32AGS-25) of green-orienter Kumsung!

Auto recovery circuit breaker

Kumsung 32AGS-25 and 32GS-I earth leakage circuit breaker series

32AGS-25 (Auto recovery)
It is an intelligent auto recovery earth leakage circuit breaker to detect a problem and its cause by monitoring the actual leakage on the load side using a detecting circuit instead of being supplied with power from a battery. The auto recovery is time-fixed type.
- KC certification
- Bidirectional communication (notification)
- Circuit breaking and then line monitoring in an event of leakage
- Auto recovery when the leakage is solved
32GS-I (Error prevention)
It is an IGR earth leakage circuit breaker having a resistance to capacity leakage by resolving the malfunction of existing ones. By solving the trip due to the capacity leakage current between the wiring and the ground, it has been improved to have individual breaking values for capacity and resistance leakage, respectively.
- IGR (resistance leakage), 24 mA
- IGC (capacity leakage), 70 mA
- Same working speed as normal circuit breakers
- Improved resistance to power noise

Specifications of the earth leakage circuit breaker series

Division 32AGS-25 32GS-i
Rated current 20A / 30A 20A / 30A
Rated frequency Single-phase two-wire Single-phase two-wire
Rated frequency 50Hz / 60Hz 50Hz / 60Hz
Rated working voltage (Ue) AC 220V AC 220V
Rated impulse withstanding voltage (Uimp) 2.5kV 2.5kV
Rated insulation voltage (Ui) 250V 250V
Rated non-working voltage 15mA / 50mA 15mA / 50mA
Protection Lightning, overload, short circuit, human body electric shock, and shock wave non-working Lightning, overload, short circuit, human body electric shock, and shock wave non-working
Rated sensitivity current IGR 30mA IGR 30mA
IGC 70mA
Operation time Within 0.03 seconds Within 0.03 seconds
Rated breaking capacity 2.5kA 2.5kA
Surge limited capacity 20kV / 10kV 20kV / 10kV
Short circuit trip method Electronic, electric working type Electronic, electric working type
Overcurrent trip method Thermal type Thermal type
External dimensions 40(W) x 84(H) x 70(D) 40(W) x 84(H) x 78(D)
Temperature and humidity range -40℃ ~ +70℃ / 5% ~ 90% -40℃ ~ +70℃ / 5% ~ 90%
State indication Normal LED on
Trip LED off
Auto LED on, Trip LED off
LED blinking when the short circuit is detected

※ 32AGS-25 and 32GS-I have the same external dimensions.