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Surge Protector

Deterioration Detection Surge ProtectorIt' is designed to help increase the reliability of a surge protector by detecting the deterioration of a surge protection device. It also ensures the stability of equipment to be protected. It is a highly reliable and intelligent deterioration detection surge protector that absorbs surge when it occurs. It provides intuitive display, through the LED and LCD indicators, regarding the count of surge occurrence, the size of the surge, as well as the path and time the induced surge. A deterioration detection surge protector can be used alone or together with other multiple surge protectors. A monitoring system can also be configured using various wire and wireless communication ethods. Using a monitoring system, an operator can identify the state of individual surge protectors installed at individual locations, which can be replaced and maintained when necessary.

Deterioration Detection Surge Protector

Product features
Surge protection
Checks the surge induction path and the surge size
Notifies the time for replacing the surge protector
(remaining lifetime)
Can be linked with a central control system and supports various communication functions
Notifies events, when they occur, to users through a notification system (text message)
Modularized functions, making it easy to carry out maintenance (saving costs); individual modules can be separated
Protects the power supply of wireless stations and relay stations, including broadcasting stations and hospitals
Protects exposed panelboards of railroad, water treatment, and infrastructure facilities
Protects the power supply of distribution and panelboards
Protects the power supply of equipment for semiconductor plants and precision equipment
Protects various power systems the surge information of which is needed.
Locations that corresponds to lightning surge
Surge protector
It is comprised of a parallel connection that has panelboard power of equipment that need to be protected. It uses MOV that is validated in its performance based on international technical specifications. In order to prevent deterioration and damage, a thermal runaway protection fuse is embedded and can be completely separated from the power when the protection device is damaged.
Item Specifications and Features Remarks
Single-phase surge protector 3-phase surge protector
Rated voltage AC 220V (1P 2W) AC 380V (3P 4W)  
Operating voltage Within the rated voltage ± 20%  
Protection mode L-L, L-N, N-G, L-G  
Max. discharge current 40kA/Mode  
Surge inhibition voltage L-L, L-N, N-G:Below 1,000 V L-N , N-G : Below 1,000 V
L-L , L-G : Below 1,500 V
IEEE/ANCI C62.41/ CAT C1 Test
Product lifetime Within the surge inhibition voltage variation rate ± 10 and within the leaked current of 4 mA  
Response speed Below 20 Nano-Sec  
Insulation resistance 10 MΩ or higher between each phase and the outer case  
Environment conditions Operation : -20℃ ~ 70℃, 0~90%  
Surveillance module
There is a LED status window to check the state of a surge protector, such as leaked current amount, surge induction count, time, path, lifetime, and graphs. There is a memory embedded to store events when warnings occur, and the module is made in a dual structure to accommodate both AC and DC. It analyzes and displays various types of data related to the surge protector.
Communication module
The module supports various wire and wireless communication (Ethernet, 485, 422, CDMA, and Wireless RF) methods for remote control purposes. It can relay data with a local monitoring system. It communicates internally with the surveillance module and externally with a monitoring module. It generates, saves, and transmits communication identification numbers. It can manage a single-surge protector, or multiple ones after designing proper protocols.
Deterioration detection surge protector monitoring system
A deterioration detection surge protector monitoring system makes it possible to carry out operation and management at locations such as railways, factories, and buildings where multiple surge protectors are installed. Depending on the user’s configuration, it is possible to display the location of areas or buildings, where the protectors are installed, through a GUI of a monitoring system. It can also display surge-related information, making it possible to check whether the protector is normal or abnormal, and replace or maintain it.