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Surge Protector

Terminal-type Surge ProtectorsThe KumSung Electric SPD series surge protectors are used for the incoming power supply for low-voltage main incoming boards. They are to be connected with large economical surge protectors through a parallel connection. They can be used in areas where lightning strikes frequently and cannot be easily distributed.

Terminal-type Surge Protectors

Main applicable areas
Main incoming and distribution boards for the input side voltage
Various electric, information, and communication systems such as UPS, CCTV, DCS, PLC, and SCADA.
VMS signboards and power service entrances
Railway, subway, broadcasting stations, and communication stations
Industrial machinery and computer panels
Traffic control centers, dams and water treatment plants
Product features
Certified for KS (qualified for IEC international standards)
High performance and large scale surge protection
Dual safety design (current and thermal fuse)
Easy maintenance due to LEDs that indicates about operation and failure
Steel case protected against the failure of surge protectors

Specification of Terminal-type Surge Protectors

Item Single-phase 3-phase
Product name ㉿ KS-S040TK ㉿ KS-S080TK ㉿ KS-T040TK ㉿ KS-T080TK
Rated voltage ‘~’AC220V ‘~’AC220V ‘~’AC220V ‘~’AC220V
Cabling ‘1P 2W + G ‘1P 2W + G ‘3P 4W + G ‘3P 4W + G
Current type ‘~’50/60Hz ‘~’50/60Hz ‘~’50/60Hz ‘~’50/60Hz
Uc 320VAC 320VAC 320VAC 320VAC
Up 1.5kV/Peak 1.8kV/Peak 1.5kV/Peak 1.8kV/Peak
In 20kA 40kA 20kA 40kA
Imax 40kA 80kA 40kA 80kA
Protection grade Class II Class II Class II Class II
Leaked current Within 1mA Within 1mA Within 1mA Within 1mA
Rated short-circuiting current 1.5kA 1.5kA 1.5kA 1.5kA
Installation area Indoor Indoor Indoor Indoor
Port count 1port 1port 1port 1port
Installation structure TN, TT TN, TT TN, TT TN, TT
Connection method Screw and bolt Screw and bolt Screw and bolt Screw and bolt
Mounting method Screw Screw Screw Screw
Outer dimension 80(W)X148(H)X71(D) 96(W)X148(H)X71(D) 132(W)X132(H)X69(D) 160(W)X156(H)X72(D)
Temperature -40℃~+70℃ / 5%~90% -40℃~+70℃ / 5%~90% -40℃~+70℃ / 5%~90% -40℃~+70℃ / 5%~90%
Surge lifetime In20kA /15 pulse
Imax40kA /2 pulse
In20kA /15 pulse
Imax80kA /2 pulse
In20kA /15 pulse
Imax40kA /2 pulse
In40kA /15 pulse
Imax80kA /2 pulse

External sizes of surge protectors