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Automatic reset circuit breaker

Green energy-oriented Kumsung Electric's automatic reset circuit breaker, 32AGS-25! 32AGS-25(automatic reset type)

General automatic reset circuit breakers perform automatic reset after a certain amount of time without detecting abnormality in load, but our intelligent automatic reset circuit breaker monitors a leakage current real time using a leakage current detection circuit and performs automatic reset after identifying the cause of leakage and abnormality.

KC certification Two-way communication (alarming function)
In case of a line leakage, circuit interruption and line monitoring
Automatic reset when a leakage is cleared

Intelligent automatic reset function!
Built-in leakage display device patented!

Specification of Earth Leakage circuit Breaker

Type 32AGS-25
Rated Current 20A/30A
Wiring Single phase 2-wire system
Rated Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Rated Working Voltage (Ue) AC 220V
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage (UImp) 2.5kV
Rated Insulation Voltage (UI) 250V
Rated Non-operating Current 15mA
Protective Function Lightning, overload, short-circuit, electric shock of human body, non-operating shock wave
Rated Sensitivity Current IGR 30mA
Operating Time Within 0.03 seconds
Rated Breaking Capacity 2.5kA
Surge Limitation Capacity 20kV /10kV
Electric Leakage Trip Method Electronic type, current-operated type
Overcurrent Trip Method Thermal type
External Dimension 40(W)*84(H)*70(D)
Temperature & Humidity Range -40℃~+70℃/5%~90%
Status Display Automatic LED lamp, trip LCD lights-out, LED blinking at the detection of electric leakage